Leaving the Mormon Church Gave Me the Courage to be Disliked

People pleasing is manipulative and dishonest. It is a way for us to shield our true selves from those around us. We hide behind a wall of people pleasing and don’t own up to our true feelings.

How many times did I say yes to church assignments even though I did not want to?

I was afraid of disappointing others or being perceived as lazy or selfish. I wanted to control how others saw me. People pleasing ultimately leaves us feeling hollow and unfulfilled, as we lose sight of what we want and who we are. It takes courage to be ourselves. It takes courage to be disliked. It takes vulnerability to be our true selves and let the pieces fall where they may.

One of the greatest gifts I’ve found after stepping away from the Mormon church is the courage to be disliked.



Married 22 years, father of four

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